Design For Change

Design For Change

Monday, January 12, 2015

DFC Impact

In 2009, when Design For Change was first launched, over 700 stories of change impacting were submitted by children across the Indian subcontinent. The following year, Design For Change went global receiving a little over 2000 stories from children around the world. 

Today the Feel Imagine Do Share (FIDS) framework is being used 
by children in over 30 countries to lead more than 10,000 stories of change. Ongoing research suggests that children’s confidence developed through the projects, improves academic scores as well. Teachers share that facilitating DFC projects help them discover strengths of their students, develop faith in their capabilities and get to know what the children think and feel about the world around them. Research conducted by The GoodWork Project in 2009 reaffirmed the impact of the DFC curriculum on the development of skills like collaboration, creative thinking & empathy. 

In the past year, DFC impacted over 2 lakh students and approximately 30,000 teachers in over 30,000 schools across the world. 

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