Design For Change

Design For Change

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Class of Rowdies

Reported and posted by David Wygant.

This video clip appeared on my Facebook News Feed a week ago.  Many thanks to Reena Ramanan for sharing what looks like an original post by Pranjali Madhur.  As the video clip begins, a new teacher is entering her classroom for the first time and finds the students enjoying themselves a little too much.  From that first meeting, she transforms the class and students by what she does next, and by what she doesn’t do. 

I hope you enjoy this CLASS OF ROWDIES.  

Did you identify any FEEL-IMAGINE-DO-SHARE elements?

As this video shows and tells, the education-development of our students and youth is more about setting their spirits free in a safe space then it is about anything else.  This is a universal truth that applies everywhere because all children are really the same. It is only in becoming adults that unimportant things, beliefs and biases begin to overwhelm the truth. What is the truth?  The truth is simply that we are all cut from the same cloth.  Yet, each of us have our own personal set of unlimited possibilities and potential. We can all fly if only no one will clip our wings!